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  • Before asking for help, please make sure you have the latest plugin version, check at:


    Q: I have installed forum, created page and inserted the forum tag but it isn’t displayed.
    A: Try to use another tag – ForumPress currently supports 2 tags: <!--VASTHTML--> and [ forumServer ] (without spaces)

    Q: May I recommend some new features?
    A: Yes, please do, we have a special “wish-list” topic: http://forumpress.org/support/wordpress-plugins-g5/forum-server-1.5-f29/forum-server-wish-list-t463

    Q: I can’t post new topics.
    A: Make sure you’re using the latest plugin version, try to disable all plugins and reinstall ForumPress. If the forum works fine, activate plugins one by one until ForumPress stops working. You can tell us about plugin conflict and we would fix this issue. Also, there are usually many alternatives to common plugins, so if some of your plugins conflict with ForumPress, you can use another one with the same functionality.

    Q: I want to change font color, backgrounds or buttons.
    A: This is beyond the scope of free ForumPress support. If you’re familiar with CSS, you can modify your theme and add needed styles ( keep in mind that it’s better to modify your theme instead of ForumPress’s skin, because your changes would be lost on the next ForumPress update). Feel free to make any frontend changes unless the ones forbidden by ForumPress usage license. Drop us a line if you’d like us to do any custom work for you.

    Q: How to hide top menu/statistics/etc ?
    A: It’s usually enough to hide some of forum’s blocks using CSS. For example, to hide the top menu you can add the following lines to your theme’s styles.css: #profileHeader { display:none;}

    Q: I have found a bug in the plugin, how could I report about it?
    A: Please feel free to create a topic on the support forums and post the bug. If you have a working bugfix that would be even better and we would add you to the changelog list, ForumPress users would appreciate your help!

    Q: My ForumPress installation is looking broken, why?
    A: This is usually caused by your theme’s styles.css – some styles can override plugin skin’s styles. If you’re familiar with CSS/HTML you can fix this by yourself. You can also contact our support and we will help you.

    Q: Do you have a demo?
    A: Yes – it’s at the following address: http://forumpress.org/support/

    Q: How do I translate interface in another language?
    A: To make a translation of any wp plugin use this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/codestyling-localization/ Prefix the .mo and .po files with “vasthtml-“, for example: vasthtml-en_EN.mo, vasthtml-en_EN.po. When the .mo and .po files are ready — follow the instructions below: 1. Copy .mo and .po files to /wp-content/plugins/forum-server/; 2. Open /wp-content/plugins/forum-server/wpf-main.php file; 3. Uncomment the following lines: //$plugin_dir = basename(dirname(FILE)); //load_textdomain("vasthtml", ABSPATH.'wp-content/plugins/'. $plugin_dir.'/'.'vasthtml-en_EN.mo'); (change “en_EN” to your locale descriptor).