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  • Step 1:

    Upload the plugin folder to your WordPress plugins directory.

    Step 2.

    Activate the plugin.

    Step 3.

    Make a new page to place your forum into. Make sure you have it on the “HTML” editor.

    Place <!--VASTHTML--> inside the new page.

    Step 4.

    If you want to show your latest activity open your WordPress template file of your choosing and insert

    <?php latest_activity(numbers_to_show);?>.

    Replace “numbers_to_show” with how many posts you want to show.

    Step 5.

    First thing you want to do is choose a skin for your forum. When you first activate your forum there is no skin active so it will not look or perform correctly. Click on the “ForumPress” menu on the left side of your WordPress admin panel.

    Step 6.

    Choose what skin you like and click “Activate” on the right side.

    Step 7.

    The next step is to add your forum categories. Click “Categories & Forums” inside the “ForumPress” menu.

    Step 8.

    Click “Add New” at the top of the page.

    Step 9.

    Type the name and a optional description for your category. Click “Add category” to add it to your list.

    Step 10.

    Now after it returns you to the “Categories & Forums” main page you will see your new category on the list. Now you must add forums to your your category. If you do not add a forum the plugin will not work. There will be nowhere to make a new post if you do not do this step.

    Step 11.

    On the bottom right of your category list you will see the “Add forum” button. Click this to add your forum to that category.

    Step 12.

    Type the name and a optional description for your forum and click “Save forum”.

    Step 13.

    Congratulations you have now got your forum ready to use!

    Remember this plugin is meant to be a simple and easy solution. It does not have the million dollar features of some other plugin but, this is far more easier and simpler to use.